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Michael McFadden's Dissecting Antismokers' Brains
is available at

Your book is truly fantastic in the same way that truth is refreshing after being smothered by the lies of the anti-smoking loonies and their PC accomplices in the mainstream press for so long.... I truly wish you all the success in the world, and hope your book achieves the widespread distribution it deserves......

Raouel De Chant

A year ago I gave one of the local city council's biggest smoke-haters a copy of Michael McFadden's book "Dissecting the Anti Smokers Brain." It took a whole year, but just last week he e-mailed me agreeing to a meeting with the bar owners AND said: "if this debate continues...I will soon be quoting and citing from McFadden's book" AND he agreed to pay me for the book!

To anyone dealing with elected officials. GO ORDER THE BOOK!!! It was the best investment ever! I wish I would have read it long before I did. I still use if for reference. Save yourself a lot of time, spend the money, give it to your elected officials!!! This book is not just an effective weapon against the smoke is the BEST weapon against them. Thanks Michael!

Sue Jeffers of Stub & Herb's

I love your book.... your writing is excellent. You explain each topic clearly and it flows so smoothly that it's a pleasure to read. In California, I'm surrounded by all those personality types.

Sally in CA

I loved the book. It distresses me that the contrived "secondhand smoke" alarms even have to be addressed. They defy common sense. They're in the nature of cult beliefs amongst anti-smokers.... You've done a great job, both in assailing the microscopic pseudo-logic of the zealots, and in helping to restore a sane perspective on tobacco.

Steve Kelly

The book is straight forward, thoughtful and well organized....
What is happening right now in the free world is nothing short of criminal, akin to organized crime at its best. Antismoking groups have no real evidence against SHS, just half-truths and outright lies through manipulation. This is racketeering on a world wide scale....

We are all victims of these groups whose main goals are power and money but the biggest victims of all are our children. While money, time, media hype and other resources have been wasted on the BIG LIE the use of drugs and alcohol has sky rocketed in young people, STD rates continue to soar and poverty continues to rise. Antismoking groups are apathetic to these REAL problems while continuing to manufacture false data to reap in even more money. These are taxpayers dollars being wasted while freedom of choice is being stripped away....

This book stands on its own merits, more than I can say for anything published by the antismokers. Read it.... When you are finished send it to someone with some real political clout, someone who will ask the hard questions and expose these criminals for who they really are.

Anne D. Ayotte, Ontario, Canada

It is the most astonishing political saga since the rise of Adolph Hitler, and there are many parallels to that event. The cold-blooded intensity with which the anti-tobacco campaign has been so carefully choreographed takes one’s breath away, when it is laid out so starkly as in this detailed account. All the techniques for undermining the democratic process are there – big lies, vote-rigging, emotionalism, Orwellian control of language, well known logical fallacies and, of course, junk statistics by the barrow load. The author tells the story well and comprehensively.

John Brignell, Editor of Numberwatch

Michael McFadden is one of the most knowledgeable, sincere and prolific smoking activists, and his book is terrific.

Garnet Dawn, President
FORCES Illinois

Dear Mr McFadden, I recently bought your book 'Dissecting Antismokers' Brains' and having read it I am delighted to see you have given all the relevant arguments and explained them lucidly. Well done! During disputes with Antismokers I find myself in the position of frequently having to quote from your book...

Tony Collins, Redruth, UK

I just finished reading your book. I love it. The smoke haters have overtaken Minnesota... I am in the process of putting together a package for the county commissioners. I am going to include copies of your book... Thanks for a great book!

Sue Jeffers of Stub & Herb's, Minneapolis, MN
Sue Jeffers

This provocative and appropriately titled book does exactly what the title suggests. Michael McFadden, an American, is a very able communicator who has some sterling insights into human nature. He not only gets into the mind of the Anti-smoker - you will never look at one in the same way again.
It is quite clear, reading this book, how the Antismokers have become what they are today. I recommend it to anybody concerned by intrusive government and the do-gooder crusaders. Dissecting Antismokers' Brains serves as a practical and useful handbook to help fight - and win - the pro-choice battle.

Matt Finlayson

I have read it in its entirety, and in my opinion, it is the best comprehensive compilation of analysis and fact available to those who wish to oppose the prohibitionists.

John Rowell
Moorhead, ND City Councilman of the clearest examinations of the subject we've seen in years - melding scientific analysis with rich anecdotal prose... the most compelling sections of the book deal with "debunking" the many half-truths (or worse) that anti-smoking forces have ridden to dominance in the debate...

Editor, Smoke Signals Magazine
Smoke Signals Magazine

The first thing that will strike someone who happens upon Dissecting Antismokers' Brains is the stark white cover with the title in big black letters.

The plain cover reflects the plain clarity McFadden uses to attack the spin and propaganda used by those trying to eradicate smoking. His style is simple and direct, no fancy pictures or mind-games, just facts and 600 careful references supporting his arguments.

Smokers will love the classifying of Antismokers into categories ranging from The Innocent (those simply taken in by anti-smoking propaganda) through the Neurotic (whether obsessive-compulsive clean-freaks or just folks with an absurd fear of wisps of smoke) to the Greedy (the profiteers of today's multi-billion dollar anti-smoking industry).

After thus skewering and pigeon-holing the "Antis" the author gets extremely serious in showing how language tricks, smoking bans, hate, and the media all combine in a coordinated attack on smokers and their habit. This book does not say smoking itself is harmless, but it rips apart the claims about the "deadliness" of second-hand smoke.

After ending neatly with a summary of the social costs of the anti-smoking movement, Mr. McFadden offers ten "Appendices" giving detailed scientific, statistical and economic information to back up his earlier arguments while also offering guidelines to Free-Choice activists battling smoking bans.

In one pointed appendix he takes 24 of the flashy ads and claims of groups like and exposes how they turn "The Truth" into "A Lie." In another he details email exchanges with anti-smoking luminaries who steadfastly refuse to respond to polite queries about their claims, secure in the knowledge that they will never be called to account: that security will be shaken when they see their stonewalling exposed to a far wider audience than they ever expected.

Overall his book is incredibly readable for the amount of information it has: you'll feel like you're reading a page-turning novel rather than a serious work of non-fiction. In an email exchange I had with him while writing this review, Mr. McFadden declared his belief that, if he could get copies of the book into every college course dealing with smoking debates and a copy sitting on the bar of every tavern threatened with a smoking ban, the rsulting outrage would provide the impetus needed to successfully fight a very powerful lobby.

After reading Dissecting Antismokers' Brains I think I would have to agree with the author on that point.

Samantha Phillipe
The Smoker's Club, Inc.

...tons and tons of extremely interesting information.... a well-organized facinating compilation of little known facts. The author does not encourage smoking but rather explains and dissects the factless negative campaign waged against smokers and former smokers everywhere. I found myself saying, "I never knew that," countless times. This is a book that needs to be read more than once...

Renetta Dudzinski, Author of "The Journey Book Series"

Antibrains is a fine, fine book!! It's wonderfuly written! Beautifully organized, logical, loaded with examples specific to your points. Congratulations! Even though I've been hanging around the discussions at Yahoo and iwon for awhile now, I was still blown away by half the stuff you've dug up. ... It's great that a real straight shooter got this down in a book, and I really mean that..... You wrote a really fine and accomplished book... a great resource for anyone requiring a reliable reference on the subject, regardless of where their sympathies would lie on this issue.... My hat's off to you and I hope it's finding its way to vast numbers of readers. It deserves to!

I absolutely loved your book "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains" and plan to order 3 more copies for loan out purposes as soon as possible.... a great book you've written!

John Gray, United Kingdom

This book says what has been nagging all rational minds for nearly two decades. McFadden lets nothing slide by!

Robert Lundy,

I just finished reading Michael McFadden's book titled "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains" and it is a must read!!

Michael does a superb job in explaining the outrageous motivations of the Anti Smoking movement. The general public needs to be made aware of the outright 'lies' being feed to us by the Anti's and the politicians. I urge you to read it and tell everyone else you know to do so also.

Whether you are a smoker or not, you should have a very real concern about the Anti-smoking

Crusaders and Big Pharmaceutical Companies politics to trample on our freedoms!

You can order Michael's outstanding book by going to:

Cheryl Silvia
Florida Rights, Forces Affiliate
Can The Ban! Action Against Amendment 6!

I am flabbergasted at Michael's book, it is so well written and full of info. My wife Joan reads a lot and says Michael's book is easy and fun reading.

Archie Anderson
FORCES Minnesota

I really believe that your book could turn the tide here. It is a fine book dude.)

FORCES Kentucky

A few things that make your book unique and separates it from the other many books (and most of those are excellent books) is that people can understand what they're reading, it's compact and easy to handle. Next is the format. You've got the table of contents, ... a summary at the back of each chapter and you've got all your documentation in the back. It's all very well thought out and placed.

Carol Jensen
FORCES California

It is fantastic. You literally 'blow my mind' wow lots of work and digging for info.
I am on my third reading of your book..I carry it around with me where ever I go..library?? etc.
My wife asked me "aren't you finished reading that book?? I told her 'this is my 'bible'!

Thomas LaPrade, Canada (
Thunder Bay, Canada

I've read "Dissecting Anti-Smokers Brains," and it's a good read. McFadden does a good job of picking apart the motivations of the anti-smokning movement. But that wasn't the part I liked the most. The appendixes, which take up nearly half of the book, are jam packed with the kind of information you need to fight nannies, not just the facts and figures that they will ignore and outright lie about, but how they react, and what you can do to get the better of them in this fight.

Dave Hitt
The Facts

One of the most definitive works to expose the truth behind this battle between personal freedom and the antismoker crusade, is the fact based book titled Dissecting Antismokers' Brains by Michael J. McFadden.

Dr. James Siepmann, Editor
Journal of Theoretics

Great stuff! If only the general public was aware of the load of crap they are being fed by the Antis and the politicians.

Scott Paul
Screw Smoke-Free NY!

Oh my God, this book is awesome!!! I haven't been able to put it down.... I absolutely love it.

Brenda Perks
NY Bar owner

I think this is a book you can be very proud of. The format looks really good, especially the way some of the main points are highlighted in large bold print. They catch your eye in a big way and make you want to read the whole thing.... (I was) was blown away all over again at the arrogance of these guys. No one has ever documented it all in one place like you did, and it packs a wallop.

Martha Perske

I'm sure this book will get around.
I've noticed that the writer has demonstrated an exceptional ability to communicate to the average person without the normal restraints of higher academic achievement.

Sam Nettles
Real Texas Freedom

Yes, it was a rainy Saturday afternoon and the SU game wasn't on TV. I carry the book with me and one of my customers noticed it. So I shared it and he started reading it aloud and it was like story time at the library, everyone moved in closer so they could hear better.
NY Bar Owner

I read the whole thing. It's good. Funny. I was really surprised. I could never have presented such an organized well thought out argument. It was weird the way it seemed to anticipate my train of thought. I'd read, stop to think for a minute and like what I thought was in the next paragraph. I mean like more so than you'd expect. Like not just anticipating objections or questions i might have had to what he just said... he approached the issue much more reasonably, completely, and honestly than the "antismokers"

Tom in Doylestown

I love it! The appendices are great, the organization is perfect, and it's all very concise. This is the sort of book in which I can point to a chapter or a few paragraphs for an innocent Anti to read, and convince them one spoonful at a time.

Travis Williams

Anti-Smoking Campaign is Anti-Freedom

The title of Michael J. McFadden's book is intriguing, "Dissecting Antismoker's Brains" ($21.95, Aethna Press, visit Its ultimate concern is yet another United Nations' plan to control everyone's life, a ban on all tobacco use initiated in 1975 and being pursued by its World Health Organization. Its immediate concern is the way Americans in particular have been lied to and manipulated by a diabolical campaign to deprive us of the choice to smoke or not. This campaign is essentially about taking away a freedom we thought we had.

I am a smoker. I literally start my workday by lighting up one of the two or three cigars I puff my way through every day. I could quit if I wanted to, but I don't. I like smoking cigars. My father smoked a pipe for as long as I knew him. My Mother never smoked, but was around his so-called "second-hand smoke" her entire life. She died at age 98. He died at age 93.

Two organizations, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and Group Against Smoker's Pollution (GASP) have been around a long time spewing out enough lies about smoking to fill a library or two. McFadden points out their tactic was to make non-smokers feel separated from smokers as "a distinctly important group." The threat smokers were said to represent never existed. Going all the way back to the 1979 Surgeon General's report, the science then and now demonstrates that "Evidence that tobacco smoke is antigenic in man, however, is meager and controversial…"

A leading epidemiologist, Michael Thun, was quoted in the Washington Post earlier this year saying, "There's no definitive way of establishing the cause of a cancer in an individual. Are there people that develop lung cancer without exposures (to any of the known cancer-causing agents)? No one knows." While logic suggests that smokers are more likely to develop lung cancer, the fact is, "no one knows" if this is the trigger or whether a genetic or other factor played a role. However, on the basis that smoking automatically leads to lung cancer, the American Lung Association is the third organization, along with ASH and GASP, to work endlessly to restrict the right to smoke anywhere and everywhere.

So, if you eliminate the argument that smoking in the workplace, in restaurants and other public places poses no scientifically verifiable threat to anyone, it is simply astounding to contemplate that, by the middle of 2001, the American Medical Association reported that states were spending more than $880 million on antismoking activities. This is such an appalling waste of money that could be allocated to the real social problems, one would expect some public outrage, but as McFadden points out, we've been effectively brainwashed to think that a real health threat exists, smokers are less deserving of their Constitutional rights as others, and that anti-smoking programs are working.

Columnist George Will wrote in May that "tobacco policy radiates contempt for law. Cynical lawmaking produced the $246 billion settlement of an extortionate suit by 46 state governments against major tobacco companies, purportedly as recompense for smoking-related health care costs. Never mind that governments probably profit from smoking in two ways. Cigarettes are the most heavily taxes consumer product, but are not usually not taxed so heavily that too many smokers give up the lucrative (for governments) habit. Furthermore, governments reap savings in the form of reduced spending for Social Security, pensions and nursing home care for persons who die prematurely from smoking-related illnesses." The hypocrisy, if not outright criminality, i.e., extortion, involved in the punitive lawsuits against the tobacco companies, is yet another cause for outrage, but it's just not there.

Discriminating against smokers has become an acceptable prejudice in America thanks to the way they have been identified as a threat to everyone around them. As McFadden points out though, "If by some chance they (the anti-smoking campaigners) succeeded in eliminating smoking from the face of the earth there would be virtually no time lapse before they sank their fangs into Big Auto, Big Meat, Big Soda, or whatever supposedly idealistic cause was out there that would promise them Big Money and Big Power."

The fact is, there are groups already engaged in activities designed to exploit or destroy these industries and we see this in the work of the "food police" advocates, the "animal rights" propagandists, and the incessant hatred directed against SUVs by environmentalists.

In America, the power to control your life and everyone else's presumably is based on the "consent of the governed", but the restrictions on smoking were generated primarily from the courts. Legislators went along because it promised a new source of funding for their endless schemes. The problem is that everyone lost and everyone loses when the lifestyle choice to smoke or not is denied.

It is a pure fiction that people are safer in so-called "smoke-free" facilities. The science concerning the amount of measurable compounds to which they are exposed demonstrates it is so infinitesimal as to pose no threat whatever. In 1989, the report of the Surgeon General noted that close to 90% of the weight of tobacco smoke is composed of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and plain water. These are natural and necessary components of the environment. Scare campaigns, however, have succeeded in creating fears about smoking that have ultimately deprived everyone of the freedom to smoke anywhere.

Giving up just one freedom is giving up one freedom too many. Everyone pays a price for the loss of any freedom to anyone or any group. That is why, in America, we defend the right of people with whom we disagree to express themselves. You may or may not be a smoker, but you should have a very real concern about the anti-smoking politicians and others who continue to trample on freedom.

Alan Caruba
The National Anxiety Center
(Reprinted at Cybercast News Service)

Dean's World
an analysis of the almost religious devotion the anti-tobacco people have to treating smoking, and the tobacco companies, as the modern-day equivalent of Satan. As someone who quit smoking almost exactly four weeks ago, I definitely find it fascinating reading. I'm not sure I agree with all of McFadden's conclusions, but I do have to say that the anti-tobacco people really need to grow up.

And my one published negative review... from someone who evidently saw a newspaper story that had appeared earlier that day and had not exactly actually read the book. Oddly enough, although the fellow seems to be named after a local car dealership he somehow neglected to actually have his name in the phone book. :>

The paper on this vanity press production is soft and absorbent, but despite repeated applications, this never leaves me feeling completely clean "down there."

Marion Sales "Marion" (Philadelphia, PA)

Michael McFadden's,
"Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"
is available at


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